Bawumia’s Plan to Establish Streaming Platforms Won’t Work – Ola Michael


Movie producer and media personality, Ola Michael has said that the vision of the vice president to create streaming platforms for the creative arts industry when elected in the December 7 election is a very good initiative but will not work.

Ola Michael has said that the current government promised something similar in 2016 and 2020 but did not fulfill their promises.

According to Ola Michael, even though he knows the vice president cannot fulfill that promise, if he truly means it and tries doing it, it will not work.

Ola Michael claims what Ghanaians need is not a streaming platform because there are numerous streaming platforms already in the country that are working perfectly.

He cited Amazon, Apple Music, and others as some streaming platforms that are already in existence in the country.

The media personality has said that what Ghanaians need is a reduction in the prices of data and not streaming platforms.

He stated that the high cost of data in the country presently does not allow the everyday Ghanaian to patronize the streaming platforms.

He has therefore stated that if the vice president wants to create streaming platforms for the creatives in the country, then he should stop and invest more money into the already existing streaming platforms and ensure the cost of data is reduced so that Ghanaians can patronize in the already existing streaming platforms.

“No government can create a streaming platform. If the government tries to work on a streaming platform, it will fail. There are Ghanaians who own streaming platforms that are working fine.

We are struggling with data costs in Ghana. If I’m streaming Amazon, Apple Music, and others at a higher cost, I’m not sure I will want to go to other platforms. For me I think that there are localized platforms that should be rather supported rather than creating an entirely new one,” he said.


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