He Collapsed In My Hands- Kennedy Agyapong’s Son Describes The Death Of Wofa K


Kennedy Agyapong Junior, the son of Ghanaian politician and business mogul, Hon Kennedy Agyapong has broken his silence on the death of broadcaster Wofa K.

Speaking in a recent interview monitored by Shobiztv.com, Kennedy Agyapong Jnr said that he witnessed the death of Wofa K.

According to him, they had employed a new female and it was his duty to take the lady around the place and let her know the studio and its premises better.

He revealed that always he sees Wofa K in the morning when he comes to the studio to host his regular shows, however, that day he was unable to see him because he was busy with the newly employed lady.

Whilst taking the lady around, Kennedy Agyapong Jnr revealed that he met Wofa K. coming from the studio, obviously after his show where he told him that he had not seen him because of his busy schedule in the morning.

“You see, usually when the morning show starts I am there. So, Freda called me to step down and come to her office because there was a new lady to join us here. So when I went to madam’s office she was in talks with the lady so madam told me to show the lady around. Like, let her know where everything is. So I took her to the client service and then Net 2 and I was showing her the offices. You see the second part of the building where the corridor is so I was like Oman Newsroom is this, Net 2 studio is this”, he said.

“As we were approaching the studio, Wofa was coming out from the studios because he was on break. You see the radio studio has two doors so he was coming from the other one”, he added.

He revealed that whilst they were engrossed in a conversation, he saw Wofa K going down and eventually collapsing in his hands.

“So I was like Wofa I didn’t see you this morning. because always during news break I walk with him downstairs and then upstairs. So I said this is a new lady to join us. His head was down. Immediately he got up, he said Nana hold me then he held me himself after which he collapsed into my hands”, he stated.



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