Apologies My Foot- Lady Xandy Kamel’s Cursed Fires Back


Tutuwaa Rita, the lady actress Xandy Kamel cursed has come out to reply to her in 10 folds of what the actress did.

In her reply, Tutuwaa Rita said that she was very confident that the curses Xandy Kamel rained on her would not work, however, she would still ensure that she sent her to the right traditional rulers to deal with her.

Tutuwaa added that it is not everyone that curses work on, and she is one of the people curses cannot work on because she has spiritual protection.

She claims Xandy is always boasting of being a “big” sister but always doing things like a kid so she, Tutuwaa Rita would never respect Xandy Kamel

Reacting to Xandy calling her father’s ghost to deal with her, Tutuwaa has said that she is never afraid of that because of the father was that powerful, he would not have died.


She used the opportunity to send a stern warning to people that were begging the actress on her behalf to revoke the curses.

Heavily pregnant Xandy Kamel is in the news again, trending across social media platforms for the wrong reason.

Xandy Kamel has taken a Tiktoker to the cleaners, raining curses on her.

In the viral video sighted by ghbase.com, the actress is seen pouring libation as she curses an unknown Tiktoker named Tutuwaa Rita.

Even though many details about what Tiktoker Tutuwaa Rita did to the actress, in her video, she stated that the Tiktoker had told her that she would insult her until she committed suicide.

Xandy said the only thing that broke her was her divorced marriage, apart from that, nothing has ever or can ever break her, however, Tutuwaa Rita will die before her.

She concluded that the Tiktoker is responsible for anything bad that happens to her sooner or later.

In her words, “You will never grow to that age. I ask for a sickness that has no cure for you. Tutuwaa Rita even, you said you would insult me for me to commit suicide. The only thing that broke me is marriage If I didn’t commit suicide in marriage, then I don’t think I will ever commit suicide. Tutuwaa, you will die before me”, she said as she poured libation.

“From today forward, I put myself into your hands. Whatever happens to me, my family will deal with you. Tutuwaa, you said you will deal with me. I am old but foolish, I admit that. For me not to get a work to do, for me to give my money to a man, from today forward if you give money to a male, even your son, your brother, your mother’s brother, a son to your sibling. So far as the person is a male, when you give money to them may you never get money again”, she added.


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