I’m friends with Afronita; we’re not in a relationship – Champion Rolie


Ghanaian dance sensation, Champion Rolie, took the opportunity to address and dispel swirling rumors about his relationship with fellow dancer Afronita in a candid interview with YouTuber Kwadow Sheldon.

During the interview, Rolie unequivocally denied any romantic involvement with Afronita, asserting, “No, I am not dating her,” in response to direct questions about their alleged relationship.

The conversation provided a platform for Rolie to share insights into his personal life and address the persistent rumors circulating on social media.

Expressing frustration with the negative attention surrounding their rumored relationship, Rolie highlighted the influx of unwarranted comments on his social media posts.

He emphasized that the comments often deviate from the intended content, asserting, “If you go under my post, everything is about negative things about me and Afronita, and things don’t even relate to that. People come and write all sorts of things.”

The interview also delved into Rolie’s academic background, revealing that he completed his studies in communication design at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) two years ago.

Despite holding a certificate in the field, Rolie disclosed that he has shifted his focus entirely to dance, expressing gratitude for the unexpected financial success he has experienced in pursuing his passion.

Acknowledging the support from his fans and the opportunities that dance has brought him, Rolie said, “I’ve gotten certain pay I never expected from dancing, and I give all thanks to God.”

Both Afronita and Champion Rolie have gained popularity as talented dancers and content creators in Ghana, with their dance videos and collaborations on platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

While openly sharing a close friendship and frequently collaborating, the duo often faces speculation about their relationship status due to their undeniable chemistry and affectionate interactions in their videos.


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