Despite his cheating on me, I will never leave him for another woman – Florence Obinim warns side chick


Florence Obinim has delivered a firm caution to all the side chicks of her husband, Bishop Daniel Obinim, firmly asserting that she will remain steadfast and sustain her marriage despite his acknowledgement of unfaithfulness.

The veteran gospel artiste underscored her unwavering support for Obinim during his times of destitution, and now that they enjoy a lavish lifestyle, she remains resolute against any external pressures.

Furthermore, she expressed her unwavering determination to confront anyone who dares to meddle in her sacred union with Bishop Obinim.

“I hear a lot of things. People used to commend me that Florence Obinim, you have done well for marrying Obinim till this stage. I started with my husband from zero, and it is not now that we are getting 100% that I would leave.

I will enjoy myself 100%. I don’t envy what people have, but for the things that I have struggled to gain, even if you frustrate me, I won’t leave. So, if you hate me because of my husband, I would block you, but for me to leave him, no,” Florence Obinim said.

Florence’s declaration follows Bishop Daniel Obinim’s revelation that he had an extramarital affair with several women while he was married to his wife.

Obinim acknowledged cheating on his wife despite their 16-year marriage, supporting the allegations made by Hon. Kennedy Agyapong. He stated unequivocally that he did not intend to refute any of the names the Honorable had mentioned.

“I won’t take out any of the names Honourable Kennedy Agyapong mentioned. I won’t take any out or deny any of them, all I can say is I cheated on my wife,” Obinim said.

Meanwhile, watch a video of Florence’s warning to all side chicks about her husband:


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