Come And Tell The Everybody What You Did For Me – Mary Descends Against Kuami Eugene


Mary, former maid for Ghanaian musician, Rockstar Kuami Eugene has come back to drag the “Monica” hitmaker.

Mary has told the Lynx Entertainment signed artiste to come out and let Ghanaians know exactly what he did for her.

The young girl seems not to understand why the musician would label her an ungrateful being following their separation.

Mary revealed that apart from being paid by the musician among other things she deserved to get as a maid, Kuami Eugene never did anything for her.

In a self-recorded video sighted by, Mary politely asked Kuami Eugene to come out to list all that he did for her during the time she was working with him as a maid.

According to Mary, she does not want anything from the musician apart from coming out to let her know why he says she has been ungrateful to him.

Mary claims she is waiting patiently for Kuami Eugene to grant her her last wish if not, she would not stop talking about him.

“Kuami Eugene helped me and I have been ungrateful to him so I just want him to come and say it. He should come and say what he did for me that I have been ungrateful to him, you understand. That is what I am waiting for. That is the only thing I am waiting for”, Mary said.

Mary added that had it not been lately, she never have known the reason behind Kuami Eugene’s song dubbed YOLO was to throw shades at her.

Meanwhile, Mary has said that the only thing she got from working as a maid to Kuami Eugene is the name “Rockstar”.

In a video that circulated across social media platforms where the ex-maid of the musician was being interviewed by popular Youtuber, The Madking.

In the viral video, the interviewer called Mary “Rockstar” to which she responded happily.

When the interviewer asked why she had been nicknamed “Rockstar”, Mary stated that working as a maid for Kuami Eugene, the name Rockstar, which happens to be Kuami Eugene’s other name is the only property she got.

Below is what transpired between Kuami Eugene’s ex-maid, Mary, and the interviewer, The Madking.

The interviewer: Roooockstaaaar

Mary: Oy33y33

Interviewer: Why Rockstar? Whatsapp. Mary Rockstar, what is it? Where did you get it from?

Mary: That name when I went to the house I didn’t get anything. That is the only thing I got from being in the house.

Interviewer: So all that you got is the name Rockstar?

Mary: Yes

Reacting to her viral obituary poster, Mary laughed and said that the people who did that to her were illiterates, barbarians, stupid, and childish.

According to her, it takes only people within the aforementioned categories of people to behave that way.

She added that those behind that would die and she would still be alive.

Mary, who was angry told the interviewer to wait and see what would happen to the people that did that to her.

“We do not play with death. So if you are on social media and you are wishing me dead remember that you are wishing yourself dead instead. They should wait and see what will happen”, she said.

Netizens took to the comment section to rain insults on the ex-maid of the musician.

“Mary nu wagyime anaaa…..s3 m’anya hwee no…..”, a netizen said.

“This girl is a very foolish girl oo.trending for the wrong reasons”, another netizen said.

“Mary nu wagyime anaaa…..s3 m’anya hwee no…..” another angry netizen said.


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