You Were Only Famous In Your House- Netizens Shades Afua Asantewaa


Following her recent statement about being famous before the commencement of her sing-a-thon attempt, Ghanaians have dragged internet sensation Afua Asantewaa.

To someone who is lost, Guinness World Record sing-a-thon attemptee, Afua Asantewaa stated that she was very famous before the commencement of her sing-a-thon attempt.

As a journalist working for a renowned media house, Afua said that she built a link with the celebrities that went to support her and had it not been that, they would not have gone to support her.

According to her, she has interviewed almost all the musicians, actors, actresses and public figures in the country.

“First of all, sina-a-thon was not for fame because I already had it. I meet celebrities all the time and all those who passed through the Akwaaba village during my singing marathon were people I encounter often,” she said.

“I am a journalist and I have interviewed almost all the actors, musicians and celebs who came to show me love at the Akwaaba Village, so it’s not like I was seeing them for the first time”, the internet sensation added.

These statements by Afua Asantewaa did not sound pleasant in the ears of social media users, hence, have made them to attack her.

Social media users have labeled the internet sensation an ungrateful being for not attributing her fame to her sing-a-thon attempt.

According to many netizens, they got to know Afua Asantewaa through her sing-a-thon attempt which became very popular.

Netizens have said that if the brand ambassador for Ike City Hotel claims she was famous before her sing-a-thon attempt, then she was famous in her house or the surrounding within which she found herself.

“This lady is gradually becoming a nuisance! U people did not warn her about how Ghanaians can forget about her existence”, a netizen wrong.

Another Ghanian commented that “she is now talking too much Ghanaians will throw her out soon”.

“Maybe you were famous in your house”, another netizen said.


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