No One Can Undo Opambour’s Curse on You – Ajagurajah


Ghanaian spiritualist, Ajagurajah has waded into the Opambour- Bernice Asare’s issue.

Prophet Ajagurajah who claims to be a powerful man of God has thrown his support for Opambour, saying that is the only way for one to prove their innocence nowadays.

Speaking in a viral self-recorded video, Ajaguajah claims both the youth and the aged do not believe in curses these days but they do work.

According to him in the video, Opambour cursed Bernice Asare and her generation in 2020, but the curse worked in 2024, which means, irrespective of how long it takes, curses do work.

“God should kill you. Your stupidity that curses do not work, have you seen what Opambour’s curse has done to that sister? He cursed her in 2020, 4 years later, the curses are working. I have already told you that when Opambour curses you, nobody can reverse it”, Ajagurajah said.

He went on to say “Do you think when someone curses you it works today? I told you that when Opambour curses you it works. Today, Opambour has admitted that his curse killed the woman’s child”.

Meanwhile, a woman, identified as Mercy has accused the man of God of molesting her when she decided to visit his church for spiritual support.

The woman, in a video flying across social media pages claims she was instructed by the man of God to remove her trousers, knowing very well that the woman had no underwear.

Mercy, who claims was frightened by the actions of the man of God, takes into consideration that Opambour being a man of God did justice by removing her trousers.

Well, Opambour has seen the viral video and has reacted to it.

According to the man of God, there is no iota of truth in what Mercy has said, describing the incident as a plot to mar his hard-earned reputation.

Just like he did to Kumawood actress Bernice Asare, Opambour has rained curses on Mercy and any man who tries to marry her.

In the viral video, one could hear Opambour saying “Life, death, destruction, glory, blessing and money, all these come from you, God. Anyone who wants to kill me, let that person die before me.

I have sacrificed my body to you God. Anyone that I have bought food and clothes for before who sits on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok to speak against me if she is a woman who has not given birth before, I put my hands on her womb and curse her. May she never give birth. I curse her life, any man who marries her, the same curse should go to him”.


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