Gospel musicians need more money than President Akufo Addo –


Ghanaian gospel sensation Celestine Donkor has emphatically dismissed the notion that gospel musicians can thrive without financial support.

She stressed that while their work is dedicated to serving God, it’s also a business that requires funding.

Donkor acknowledged that inspiration for songs often comes through divine channels like dreams.

However, she pointed out that turning those inspirations into tangible music demands financial resources, such as studio recording costs and promotional investments, similar to their secular counterparts.

“Money is an essential part of gospel music because even if the inspiration is heavenly, the means to record and promote the music are earthly,” Donkor stated during the interview.

She likened the financial needs of gospel musicians to other professions where individuals require resources to hone their skills and sustain their careers.

Drawing parallels to professions like medicine or teaching, Donkor highlighted that just as doctors invest in education and teachers need resources for their classrooms, gospel artists also rely on financial support to produce quality music and sustain their livelihoods.

Donkor urged a shift in mindset that perceives gospel music solely as a spiritual endeavour detached from financial realities.

She emphasised the importance of recognizing the business aspect of gospel music, noting that artists in this genre often require even more financial support due to the nature of their work.

“It’s about using our divine gifts to make a living. If doctors can earn from healing and teaching, why should gospel musicians be exempt from earning through their music?”

Donkor questioned, challenging the notion that gospel artists should not focus on financial gain.

“So God has given all of us a divine gift and mine is doing gospel music but someone’s gift is being a teacher or a Doctor and that’s what God gave them. The same way the doctor needs money to educate themselves, we gospel artists also need money to go to the studio to record our songs and other online courses that we do.

“It involves a lot of resources and so if the doctor graduates and makes money out of treating people, why should the gospel musician also not be supposed to make money from singing or performing? If someone has that mindset then they should change it because it wouldn’t help and looking at the kind of work we are doing as gospel musicians we even need money more than the president.”

Her comments shed light on the multifaceted nature of the music industry, emphasizing that gospel music, while rooted in faith and inspiration, also operates within the practicalities of a business model that necessitates financial backing for sustainability and growth.


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