Instead of democracy, Africa need to have a king – Sonnie Badu


In a recent interview on Accra 100.5 FM’s Ayekoo Ayekoo midmorning programme with Nana Romeo, Sonnie Badu expressed skepticism about democracy as a governance system for Africa.

He attributed many of the continent’s challenges to its abundant mineral and natural resources.

Badu questioned the practicality of democracy in Africa, particularly when compared to monarchies.

He drew parallels with countries like the United Kingdom, where a monarchy coexists with democratic institutions, and highlighted the developmental progress made by nations under monarchic rule, such as Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

“Sometimes, you see hospitals and clinics that are dilapidated, but the politician’s focus is elsewhere. You will see cases of money spent by politicians on one project or another, and you will ask why they couldn’t use the money to fix schools under trees or something.

“The issue is that when they get into politics and they come across these huge sums of money, they have to pocket that money for themselves and for when they leave power. They also have to use money to settle those living with them.

“You may not understand until you get into their shoes, that’s how politics works,” he said.

He stressed the stability and advancement brought by monarchs compared to the political turbulence often observed in democracies.

Badu advocated for African nations to consider monarchies, pointing to the steady development and safeguarding of resources evident in such systems.

He condemned politicians’ focus on self-interest, attributing it to the exorbitant costs of political campaigns and the necessity to recover investments.

The former musician, now a pastor, lamented the lack of emphasis on the well-being of citizens by African leaders, observing widespread poverty despite ample resources.

He highlighted the familial connections that often transcend political boundaries, fostering a culture of profiting at the expense of the people.

Acknowledging the imperfections within the political system, Badu implied that such conduct is inherent in politics and might persist until individuals encounter it firsthand. He warned against the deceit embedded in political opposition, often prioritizing politicians’ interests over the populace’s.

In summary, Badu voiced apprehension for the African citizens’ predicament amid political maneuvering, advocating for a deeper comprehension of political dynamics and their societal repercussions.


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