Do not marry your lover if you have not been dating for at least 7 years – Tic Tac


Ghanaian artist Tic formerly known as Tic Tac has issued a stern warning to partners rushing into marriage.

According to the musician, before rushing to tie the knot the partners must make sure they dated for at least seven years.

Despite failing to explain the reason why he came to that conclusion, many netizens believe all he wanted to send across was for the partners to know themselves better before tying the knot.

He posted: “Don’t marry a man or a woman you have not dated for more than 7 years. Thank me later.”

See the screenshot of the post below:

Some people believe Tic might be speaking out of experience but they believe marriage has no formula as it could break beyond repairs even after dating for 100 years.

Read some comments:

@DarkwahDavid: “There’s no manual for marriage, what worked for your marriage might not work for Akuffo Addo’s marriage. Let people practice what works for them. Thank you Legend”

@Allisvanity09: “Oh boss this one de3 it’s too long. Even for 10 years you will never understand what or who your partner is completely.”

@JoystickGoddey: “Even 10 years ain’t a guarantee.. some people are having success after just a year or 2 of dating.. it’s good to take your time but there’s no formula really”

@EmmaAmpadu: “I know people who have dated from Primary to University, got married and are divorced. For marriage to work, the two must agree to agree and and also disagree, there is no such thing like dating for over 7 years. People are happily married after 1 year of dating.”


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