President Nana Addo and HRH Otumfuor exhibit the longest convoy ever at the opening of the Kumasi Airport


Kumasi, the capital city of the Ashanti Region, witnessed an unprecedented celebration today.

The joyful atmosphere followed the official inauguration of the Prempeh I International Airport on Friday, May 10th, 2024.

The event was graced by notable and esteemed personalities from Ghana and beyond, adding to the excitement of the occasion.

Alongside the beautifully adorned airport, the display of elegance, influence, authority, and sovereignty captured the attention of many.

President Nana Addo, representing the nation, made a grand entrance that exuded confidence and sophistication.

His arrival with an extensive convoy became a highlight of the day, leaving attendees in awe of the sheer number of vehicles accompanying him.

Similarly, His Royal Highness Otumfour showcased his majestic presence as the revered King, arriving with a substantial entourage in a remarkable convoy, adding to the grandeur of the event.

Check out the video below;


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