Joyce Blessing could not create simple English sentences – Julie Jay Kanz recounts


Julie Jay, the former publicist of Gospel Singer Joyce Blessing has for the first time in a long while broken her silence on matters when she was active with the Singer.

In an interview with FiiFi, Julie Jay on the Afro Join Show, revealed that she was asked to join the team as a blogger.

However, along the line, she had to take charge of Joyce Blessing’s social media accounts because she (Joyce) could not construct good sentences that suited her posts on social media.

Again Julie Jay revealed that aside from handling Joyce’s socials, she took the job as a Publicist and became her Assistant and Brand manager but the label could not afford her services and later heft.


On the part that (Julie Jay) took away the social media pages of Joyce Blessing when they broke away, She strongly said that she never did such a thing, hence it was a lie peddled against her.

Joyce Blessing and Julie Jay-Kanz had a fallout about 4 years ago. It came out that Julie Jay had a thing with Dave Joy, the husband of the former.

Jullie Jay Kanz was the publicist and road manager for Joyce Blessing. At a point in their relationship, she moved to stay with Joyce Blessing and her husband who also doubles as her manager.

But over the few months, their relation turned sour after Joyce Blessing sought a divorce from her husband, Dave Joy.

Right in the middle of their divorce has always been Jullie Jay. Sources claim she was dating Dave Joy secretly.

However, she came out to explain the musician was rather cheating with her gym instructor, and that caused the divorce.

Joyce Blessing has always maintained Jullie Jay and Dave Joy are sabotaging her. She even created a new online platform because she claims the two have hijacked her online platforms.


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