Yolo Actress Etty Bedi disgraces herself on LIVE Interview after taking weed & other substances


At the premiere of Fella Makafui’s movie “Resonance” at Silverbird Cinema in Accra Mall, Etty Bedi made headlines with a bold revelation that shocked fans.

Dressed in white and sporting a blond hairstyle that accentuated her body art, she stood out at the event.

During her interview with Eddie Nartey, Bedi’s behaviour raised eyebrows as she confessed to trying marijuana for the first time, attributing it to her relaxed demeanour on camera.

Eddie Nartey, taken aback, questioned her about her sudden behavior change, to which she responded with a mix of honesty and struggle to maintain composure.

Despite her candid admission, Bedi expressed her happiness about the project and the impact it was making in Ghana.

She acknowledged that her experimentation with weed may have influenced her behavior but assured that she was handling it well.

When Eddie Nartey further questioned her about using marijuana before attending the event, Bedi explained that she enjoys exploring new experiences and emphasized that everyone has their moments. She openly admitted feeling a bit high during the interview.

The viral interview sparked discussions among viewers, with some criticizing her actions while others speculated that it might have been a calculated move to generate media attention.


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