lady cries after discovering her husband faked his death in order to marry another lady with their sold properties


A middle-aged woman has anonymously shared an intriguing story on X formerly Twitter about her hubby faked his death just to marry another woman in a different country.

According to the woman, her hubby lied to her that he was travelling to the US for cancer treatment but it was a terrible lie.

Bizarrely, he refused to allow her to go with him but rather his sister.

Read the full story below to know more…

All this was a plan to marry another woman with the proceeds from their sold properties.

@Remzx shared the sad story on her X account and has received over 500k interactions as of the publication of this article.

My husband was taken to the US for cancer treatment. He won’t allow me to go with him. His sister went with him. Despite being told that he had passed away and was buried in America, I later found out that he was alive and married to another woman, and had sold everything we both worked for, leaving me and my three kids with nothing.

“My love, the surgery is over but the doctors are not sure if I will make it. If I don’t survive, please take care of our children.

I used our house as collateral to get a loan for the procedure. If you can pay off the loan, you can keep the house. Unfortunately, our bank accounts are empty. I won’t be able to call you and hear your sorrow. Please pray for me to pull through. Goodbye my heart”

This was the text message he sent to me at the time. I cried my eyes out. I couldn’t reach him. He didn’t give me the name of the hospital and the sister only pick my calls once a week. After 4 weeks the sister called to inform me of his death and they won’t be bringing him home
for burial.

However, I have come to accept the situation and have chosen to focus on the positive aspects of my life. I am grateful for my children, and for the fact that we have a roof over our heads and are living with my supportive sister in Badagry.

I also recently got a job, which has enabled me to move back to Lagos and start afresh.

I have decided to let go of the hurt and pain that my husband’s actions caused me, and instead focus on building a better future for myself and my children.

I am confident that with hard work and determination, we will be able to overcome this difficult situation and come out stronger on the other side. In 2017 they sent me pics of his funeral to f00l me. I almost walk into the bush.


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