Shame, after chopping all her money – Netizens descend on Nana Ama Maxwell for subtly confirming divorce from Mcbrown


Fans and supporters of beloved Ghanaian actress, Nana Ama McBrown, have taken to social media to express their disappointment in Maxwell Mensah.

The backlash erupted after Maxwell deleted all photos of McBrown from his Instagram page, subtly confirming the rumours of their separation.

For months, whispers of a possible split between McBrown and Maxwell have circulated online.

Despite the wild speculations, the couple chose to remain silent and addressed the rumours only indirectly.

McBrown even made a public appearance on HITZ FM with Andy Dosty to deny the claims, insisting that their marriage was intact.

However, Maxwell’s recent social media activity seems to tell a different story.

By deleting all pictures of McBrown from his Instagram, Maxwell has fueled the fire, leading many to believe that their marriage is indeed over.

Fans of the actress have since been quick to respond by launching a series of attacks on Maxwell for what they perceive as his betrayal.

Many fans have accused Maxwell of exploiting McBrown for financial gain and public approval during their marriage.

As her manager, they claim he benefited from her success and fame.

Now, his actions have sparked accusations that he was disingenuous in his relationship with her.

One particular popular comment from a fan of Mcbrown identified as @GoodlyX-perience reads; “The day a blind man sees, the first thing he throws away is the stick that has helped him all his life (food for thought).”

This sentiment echoes the feelings of many fans who believe Maxwell has discarded McBrown after benefiting from her support and success.

Netizens Reactions

@Betty Johnson – When it’s over, just leave.Don’t keep watering dead flowers it’s waste of time and energy

@Constance Owusu – Nana Ama should just let him go,,,,am not sure he feels anything for her again,,, it’s not easy, but Nana Ama should just forget about what the media will say and let him go,,,,

@Queentimpem – The worse part is when you the lady loves the man too much

@Arababenewaa – There is this saying that, “love is a temporary madness. It erupts like volcanoes and then subsides and when it subsides, you have to make a decision”. May God see them through

@Laurouge22 – When a break up happens, the break is never even one party is always more hurt than the other. Time is the best healer!


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