Nick Cannon Insures His Private Parts for $10 Million


American comedian, television host, actor, and rapper Nicholas Scott Cannon has opened up on why he decided to get a $10 million insurance policy on his private parts.

“You hear about all these different celebrities insuring their legs… so I was like, ‘Hey, well, I got to insure my most valuable body part,’” he told Entertainment Tonight in an interview published Monday, July 1.

Nick confirmed to ET that the policy is 100 percent real and clarified that the safety net does not signify plans to expand his already large family.

“[I’m] just making sure nothing goes wrong,” he said of his decision to insure his testicles. This move reflects his belief that his reproductive health is crucial, especially given his current family size and his public persona.

Cannon’s announcement, however, suggested that he may look to have more children down the road. “Haters say it’s time for me to stop having kids and put this super sperm to rest, but I’m doubling down on these valuable balls and my future kids,” he said in a statement.

This bold declaration implies that he values his fertility not just for his current offspring but potentially for future children as well.

This isn’t Cannon’s first time making headlines with personal decisions. Known for his larger-than-life personality and multiple roles in the entertainment industry, he often shares details about his life that spark public interest.

His openness about insuring his private parts is just the latest in a series of candid revelations.

Nick isn’t the only celebrity who has insured a body part. Rihanna reportedly had her legs insured for $1 million, reflecting the importance of her stage presence and performance abilities.

Nick Cannon’s ex-wife, Mariah Carey, took out two $35 million policies: one for her voice and one for her legs. These policies highlight how celebrities often protect what they consider their most critical physical assets.

Such insurance policies serve as a financial safety net, ensuring that if anything were to happen to these body parts, the celebrities would be compensated.

For Cannon, the decision underscores his unique perspective on the value of his reproductive health, blending humor and practicality in a way that only he can.

In a world where celebrities often take unconventional steps to protect their careers and assets, Nick Cannon’s decision to insure his private parts for $10 million stands out as both a pragmatic move and a statement of his unique brand of humor and confidence.


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