Chef Smith needs to be punished for deceiving the country – Leila Djansi


Film-maker Leila Djansi has called on Ghanaians to punish Chef Smith the hard way possible for deceiving them about his GWR title.

Chef Smith last weekend in a  video apologized to the country for everything about his cook-a-thon stating that it was fake.

However, according to the American-based Ghanaian, people seem to have forgiven Chef Smith for everything that he has done which is not supposed to be the case.

According to her, Chef Smith needs to be cancelled and people need to boycott everything about him even if that is the best food in the world but they can’t do that because people have skeletons in their cupboards.

She posted: “Honestly! I am apalled at how majority of folks on Ghana social media are comforting and pampering this Chef Smith guy because he apologized! What’s wrong with y’all? Worried about your own skeletons, huh? This is why there’s zero accountability. Cancel this man. Do not even drink his water if he serves you in a calabash. Let him cook the most delicious waakye. We not chop it!!!!!

This kinda brazen deception did not happen overnight. How do you fake a Guiness World Record? Trivializing the likes of Wally Funk, Zion Clark, Malala Yousafzai.

He is a psychopath. How do you make a f00l of an entire nation? And I am hearing he’s also some sort of sexual deviant. No surprises there.

He apologized and so what?

Someone tarnishes your entire image and gets away with it because they apologized. What on earth! David sinned, confessed and apologized, yet the child DIED. God took the child.

People need to reap what they sow.

Cancel this guy. Make his skin too hot.

It will serve as a deterrent.

Sanitize Ghana! I see why y’all go to church yet engage in everything cos you think Grace abounds.

Fyi: Grace is NOT without consequence.

We live vicariously via Guiness World Record Holders who climbed highest mountains, went to space, we are getting a better world cos folks developed and are developing life changing inventions and y’all disturbing the peace with fame chasing, self aggrandizing stuff like singing and cooking. Everything must be entertainment. ??????????

Go get a Nobel Peace Prize. How about you aim for that instead???

How u see this pose and not know the guy is a fraud. Them peppers sitting between onion and tomato annoy me more than his fictitiousness.? Even Kpeonyigba chef college will not accept this garnishing.

See screenshot below:


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