Trotro mate business better than teaching – Trotro Mate states


A “trotro mate” has passionately advocated for the bus conducting business as a viable option for the unemployed, suggesting it could be more financially rewarding than teaching.

In an interview with Akoma FM, he urged the unemployed who could handle money and speak convincingly to consider bus conducting as a job option.

He said, “If you don’t have a job, I advise you: if you know how to handle money and can talk, the trotro conductor job will help you very well.”

He also highlighted the practical benefits, stating, “When you work, you eat, drink water, and when you finish work, you don’t lack a ride home.” Sharing his personal experience, he added, “For me, when I go to Atonsu, any driver will pick me because I can say the mate is very helpful.”

Emphasizing the financial advantages, he noted, “It is even more rewarding than teaching.” He explained, “When I work, I eat and do everything, and if I get 80 cedis when going home, I spend about 10 cedis, leaving me with 70 cedis.

If I have a wife and kids, and I give them 20 cedis, I save 50 cedis. From Monday to Saturday, you can imagine.”

Saving 50 cedis daily for 24 days results in GHC 1200, potentially exceeding earnings from certain white-collar positions.

Social media reactions were mixed, with some echoing support for his perspective, while others expressed contrasting views:

  • @kanzowhytegh1: ‘He has probably sent his son/daughter to school this morning for a teacher to teach them. If you get something doing and it’s working for you, it doesn’t mean you should disrespect others’ professions. Mu kasa by heart.’
  • @KobbyMens13: ‘Akufo-Addo and Bawumia have done something that everyone is saying teachers have been neglected.’
  • @DonardJohnson: ‘See this one, The Driver’s mate thinks his job is far better than being a teacher, teachers don suffer.’
  • @_Boakye28: ‘You go give a woman 20 cedis to make her agree for this current Ghana, Mo! w’ay3 ade3.’


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